Committee to Defend the President, Great America PAC Partner to Launch “Great America Voter Drive”

For Immediate Release
June 4, 2019
Committee to Defend the President
Media Contact: Luka Ladan

Committee to Defend the President, Great America PAC Partner to Launch “Great America Voter Drive”

Seven-figure campaign to target one million new Trump voters

Washington, D.C. — Today, the two largest grassroots outside groups supporting President Trump—the Committee to Defend the President PAC and Great America PAC—are announcing a new partnership to focus on the critical task of voter registration during the 2020 election. Titled the “Great America Voter Drive,” the project’s end goal is to register one million new voters for President Trump this election cycle.

The first phase of the project will target an initial spend of more than $1 million, both nationally and in the key battleground states of Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. The second phase of the project will expand to Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, and New Hampshire, including national bus tours.

Ed Rollins—the National Campaign Director for President Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign and chairman of Great America PAC—will act as strategic advisor to the Committee to Defend the President. The two outside groups will cooperate on the targeting, messaging, and spending behind the national voter drive. Their goal, in part, is to counteract the unusually aggressive efforts by Democrats to meddle in 2020 election procedures, which is opening the door to ever-more-expansive voter fraud.

Combined, the two groups have spent more than $55 million to defeat Hillary Clinton, elect President Trump, and support his political and policy goals. This includes over $41 million in Independent Expenditures and political contributions to pro-Trump candidates, and many millions more in direct political advocacy spending—from the vocal support for President Trump’s Supreme Court nominations to defending the “America First” agenda and taking on 2020 Democratic candidates like Joe Biden.

Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defend the President, said, “For years now, the Committee has committed its resources to defending President Trump and his agenda from the Left’s relentless attacks. During that time, we have maintained a strong grassroots presence across the country, coordinating Trump voters on the ground to support his election and agenda in every way possible. The ‘Great America Voter Drive’ is the next step in our efforts, as we unleash the full force of President Trump’s base to get him re-elected in 2020. Only then can his ‘America First’ agenda endure for years to come.”

Rollins said, “Since Inauguration Day, President Trump has worked diligently to make America great again. We are proud to support his efforts by registering hundreds of thousands of Trump voters for the 2020 election, and getting them out to vote for his ‘America First’ agenda. Together, our two groups—with the support of Trump supporters on the ground—are uniquely positioned to continue the programs that defeated Hillary Clinton, elected President Trump, and will re-elect him in 2020.”