Under President Trump, the Economy is Soaring in New Hampshire

While the Democratic candidates circle the wagons to court New Hampshire voters, there is still only one true choice in 2020: President Trump.

The Left may have the charade of an impeachment inquiry and half-baked theories about Ukrainian corruption, but the Trump administration is presiding over one of the strongest economies in our history. And it’s not going anywhere: In November, U.S. employers added 266,000 jobs–the fastest pace since 312,000 in January.

When it comes to pocketbook issues, the American people are thriving. Jobs are being created and American families are experiencing financial security that once seemed unattainable during the Obama years.

The overwhelming success of the Trump agenda is especially pronounced in New Hampshire, which boasts one of America’s healthiest labor markets. As of October, the Granite State’s unemployment rate of 2.6 percent is the fourth lowest in the entire country. One decade ago? That unemployment rate surpassed six percent. During the same period, New Hampshire’s labor force expanded from about 745,000 employees to well over 770,000 workers.

Even more importantly, the state’s newfound prosperity cuts across multiple economic sectors. Under President Trump, construction, manufacturing, and utilities have all trended up–way up. This has led to an unprecedented increase in economic output, from $78.5 billion in 2016 to nearly $84.5 billion last year.