Pro-Trump super PAC hits Biden with new Spanish-language ad in Nevada

Pro-Trump super PAC hits Biden with new Spanish-language ad in Nevada

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The Committee to Protect the President, a pro-Trump super PAC, is running a Spanish-language ad in Nevada targeting former Vice President Joe Biden on immigration during the Democratic primary debate Wednesday evening. 

The ad shows images from 2014 when the Obama administration held children who came to the border unaccompanied in detention centers paired with misleading claims about the former administration.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden promised to reform immigration,” the ad’s Spanish-speaking narrator says. “We didn’t know it was a lie. They separated families and put children in cages.

Though the ad includes a mandatory disclosure at the end, it does not show President Trump at all or compare the two politicians’ stances on immigration. The ad also does not mention that the Trump administration separated children of asylum-seekers from their parents while they waited in custody for their cases to be heard.

The group spent a total of $225,000 on the TV ad and $30,000 on digital advertising, according to its Federal Election Commission filings.

The ad comes as the Nevada caucuses approach on Saturday. The early primary state is seen as the first test of how the candidates perform among minority voters, particularly Latinos, who make up about 30 percent of the state’s population.

A recent poll showed Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) neck and neck for the Latino vote in Nevada.