Allen West: BLM Radicals Don’t Want To Fix America – They Want To Destroy It

As the Black Lives Matter movement floods our streets and monopolizes our public discourse, we receive daily reminders of the movement’s stunning lack of patriotism. Worse yet, Black Lives Matter continues to convey a lack of understanding on many fronts — from effective messaging to historical context.

Since President Trump’s inauguration, anti-Trumpism has gradually morphed into anti-Americanism.

The left’s logic goes like this: Supporting President Trump means supporting America’s racist past and, apparently, our racist present. But, in truth, Black Lives Matters protesters and their enablers have nothing but hatred for the United States of America.

Look no further than the movement’s targeting of American history. No historical figure is immune from the left’s wrath, even abolitionists. Over the July 4th weekend, left-wing radicals in New York vandalized a statue of Frederick Douglass, who advised President Lincoln and helped shuttle slaves along the Underground Railroad. The vandals ripped Douglass’ statue from its base, ironically on the anniversary of perhaps Douglass’ most famous anti-slavery speech.

Weeks earlier, left-wing radicals in Pennsylvania defaced a statue of Matthias Baldwin, an early abolitionist who fought against slavery three decades before it ended. Baldwin even opened a school for black children in Philadelphia, paying the salaries of the school’s teachers.

More recently, leftist agitators in California tore down a statue of St. Junipero Serra, setting fire to the monument and beating it with sledgehammers. A missionary saint, Serra spent his years promoting the dignity of indigenous people, so much so that native communities joined together in mourning his death.

But the facts don’t matter to those seeking to tear America apart. In President Trump’s words: “These anarchists have no bounds!”

Unfortunately, he is right. The ignorance of Black Lives Matter has no bounds. Today’s protesters know little about American history and even less about their end goal.

What is that end goal, if not chaos? What is the point of their vandalism, if not destruction for the sake of it? Based on the left’s track record, there is no higher goal.

More importantly, the events of recent weeks speak to the woeful state of American education. America is home to an entire generation — the “cancel culture” generation — that doesn’t bother to learn the facts, analyze those facts for themselves and discuss and debate them thoughtfully based on that analysis.

Instead, the cancelers wield their own skewed views of the world as hammers and sickles, bludgeoning those who dare to disagree. Living “their own truth,” they leave no room for the actual truth to hold court. Riot replaces reason. The one truth becomes many falsities.

If the “cancel culture” generation knew anything about history, they would realize that the real purveyor of systemic racism in America has been, is, and will continue to be the Democratic Party. After all, the longest filibuster in U.S. Senate history remains the Senate Democrats’ filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The landmark legislation successfully passed because of Senate Republicans.

The Democrats’ soft bigotry of low expectations has turned every major urban center in America, which they have controlled for nearly seven decades, into modern economic plantations. Today’s crop is electoral patronage. It is clear that the left’s intentional revision of history results in their selective application of “racism.”

Unfortunately, left-wing radicals are only emboldened by academics at colleges and universities who seek to brainwash students into becoming members of a liberal mob.

Many of today’s academic institutions essentially serve as indoctrination camps where liberal academics encourage the liberal mob to lash out against the rest of American society. America’s next generation of protesters is being groomed today — by administrators and professors alike.

This has no logical endpoint — only more chaos and destruction. If the liberal mob is allowed to hold court, American society will continue to devolve into tribal warfare. We simply cannot appease left-wing radicals. We cannot compromise with them.

The only antidote is the truth, which remains in shorter supply than ever. Unless the truth prevails, things will only get worse before they get better.