New Ad Calls Out Biden for Not Denouncing Violence

A political action committee that supports President Donald Trump is spending $1 million on an advertising blitz in Arizona that criticizes Democrat Joe Biden for not condemning the violent demonstrations that have plagued the United States in recent weeks.

The ad is titled “Joe Biden’s America” and rips the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee and his endorsers. The Committee to Defend the President PAC is spending in excess of $1 million to air the ad in Arizona, plus an additional $90,000 on a digital and CTV effort that will target swing voters and suburban women in the Grand Canyon State.

The PAC’s chairman Ted Harvey said in a statement to Newsmax, “Even as rioters and looters destroy our country in the name of social justice, Democrats like Joe Biden remain reluctant to denounce them. At the Democratic National Convention, not a single speaker even mentioned the violence ravaging our communities.

“Arizonans need to understand that there is only one law and order candidate in 2020: President Trump. Only he will take on the liberal mob and look after the interests of law-abiding citizens.”

The ad plays video of some of the violence that has gripped America following the Memorial Day death of George Floyd while he was in police custody. A narrator says at the beginning, “I’ve seen a vision of Joe Biden’s America. I see it on the news every single day. Broken glass. Boarded up windows. The devastation and ruin of our beautiful cities. New York, Chicago, Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, gripped by unspeakable violence.

“It’s just another day in Joe Biden’s America. Riots, destruction, Antifa ruling the streets, billions of dollars of damage, innocent people attacked, hurt killed.”

The ad argues that the violence has occurred in cities and states controlled by people who have publicly backed Biden’s presidential aspiration.

The narrator ends the 60-second spot by asking, “Just how long do you think you’ll be safe in Joe Biden’s America?”