President Biden’s Border Crisis Borders on Treason

The U.S.-Mexico border is in shambles. Once again, America has an illegal immigration crisis on its hands, and there’s only one person to blame: President Biden.

The Biden administration knows exactly what is going on. President Biden had a front-row seat to the disastrous policies of the Obama administration, and he has purposely chosen to double down.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, federal authorities are encountering an average of nearly 600 unaccompanied migrant children per day—up from 313 children a day last month. In 2019, barely 200 unaccompanied migrant children were crossing the border daily on average—a more than twofold increase between the Trump and Biden administrations. Southwest border crossings are now on pace for the highest levels in two decades.

It gets even worse. Under the Biden administration, Border Patrol agents are now considering releasing illegal immigrants who claim asylum without issuing a “Notice to Appear.” In other words, illegal immigrants may depart custody without a court date. Put another way, they are invading the United States without repercussions. All the while, caravans of illegal immigrants continue to make their way to the southern border, overwhelming federal authorities who are desperate for any semblance of help from President Biden.

The current border crisis can be traced directly back to the open-border policies of President Obama. For eight years, large caravans of illegal immigrants flooded across Mexico from South America resulting in a humanitarian crisis on the southern border. The Biden administration fully understands the consequences of repeating President Obama’s dangerous policies, but Biden officials don’t care.

The Democratic Party no longer believes in a sovereign United States of America. Today’s Democrats are wholly committed to a world without borders

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Joe Biden often promised a “fair and humane” immigration system, calling for a “a clear roadmap to citizenship” for the more than 11 million people living in the United States unlawfully.

And the Biden administration acted on those promises. In February, Customs and Border Protection allowed the vast majority of migrant families it encountered on the U.S.-Mexico border to stay in the country, pending a decision on whether they will be allowed to stay permanently. Not surprisingly, illegal immigrants took Biden’s words and ran with them. According to one illegal immigrant who was interviewed in Arizona, he crossed the border illegally because Joe Biden was elected president. When asked if he would have made the illegal crossing under President Trump, his response spoke volumes: “Definitely not.”

The situation is so disastrous that even the left-leaning mainstream media—normally an extension of the Democratic Party—has called out President Biden. Just read a recent Washington Post headline: “Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge.” When the likes of ABC’s Martha Raddatz leave your corner, the border crisis must be too scandalous to ignore.

And how does President Biden respond? By continuing to dodge the liberal media’s questions. On Monday, the Biden administration called a lid for the day before 2 pm, opting for a closed press event with Senate Democrats instead. Yesterday, President Biden held his first press conference — after more than two months in office. For “Sleepy Joe,” it’s more of the same: For months on the campaign trail, he spent much of his time cowering in the basement, avoiding press events and refusing to answer questions for American voters.

Can you imagine if the same standard was applied to President Trump?

This is beyond unacceptable. After years of appeasing illegal immigrants at the expense of American citizens, President Biden is now presiding over the worst immigration crisis of the last 20 years. Leading up to the 2022 elections, Republicans cannot hold back their criticism. They should not allow the Biden administration to receive a pass, when the U.S.-Mexico border and rule of law have effectively been rendered irrelevant in the span of two months.

As President Trump often said, a nation without borders is not a nation. Moreover, a president who fails to defend and secure his nation’s borders is no longer worthy of the title. President Biden has abdicated his moral authority to represent American citizens and lead this country.

The Biden administration’s current immigration agenda is bordering on treason. It is a national disgrace, and must be defeated.