President Biden is Using The FBI to Gaslight America

At the behest of the Biden administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is supposedly clamping down on domestic extremism. Urging Americans to keep an eye on family members and friends for “mobilization to violence,” the FBI’s targets are homegrown violent extremists, also known as HVEs.

In other words, the FBI wants Americans to spy on their friends and family.

Such over-the-top rhetoric is obviously a response to national polling, showing that the American people are outraged by the violence on the streets of America and the Democrats’ “Defund the Police” agenda. Suddenly, the Biden administration is doing its best impression of China or Cuba, in a shameless attempt to protect a president who has repeatedly turned a blind eye to the left-wing violence perpetrated by Antifa, Black Lives Matter (BLM), and other left-wing groups. President Biden may claim to oppose domestic extremism, but it amounts to mere lip service until he acknowledges the threats posed by the radical Leftists in his midst.

After more than a year of anti-American rioting and looting, President Biden and his administration are desperately trying to push a narrative that innocent Trump supporters represent the real threat to our Republic. The president’s effort to gaslight America is not only brazen, but weaponizing our nation’s chief law enforcement agency to tar-and-feather the president’s political opponents is insidiously dangerous.

This administration wants every American to believe Republicans have become radicalized if they want their government to secure our nation’s borders. President Biden even suggested Republicans are the equivalent of Jim Crow racists who want to take our nation back to the time of the Civil War, simply because they support requiring a photo ID in order to vote. Both President Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci suggest Americans are medical heretics if they believe in personal health freedom when it comes to taking an experimental vaccine that is still in a trial stage.

These are not radical positions that threaten our Republic. These are common-sense, mainstream American values.

If the FBI is serious about domestic extremism, they need look no further than the America-hating, Marxist founders of BLM, who perpetuate racial strife and encourage the “Defund the Police” movement, at the expense of law-abiding citizens in desperate need of law enforcement. Over the last 15 months, BLM-related looting and rioting has injured hundreds of police officers (not to mention innocent bystanders), while resulting in more than $1 billion worth of riot damage—the most expensive vandalism in U.S. insurance history. America went up in flames. All the while, President Biden obsessed with coddling BLM leaders, who enrich themselves on divisive race-baiting.

If we are going to be serious about homegrown violent extremists, let’s start with BLM leadership. Start with those who carry out an extremist agenda on the streets of America, no matter the small businesses and ordinary civilians standing in their way.

Then, move on to the Democratic mayors and city council members who encouraged this violence and enabled these radicals by defunding the police. Move on to Vice President Kamala Harris, whose bail fund helped BLM extremists get out of jail even after they terrorized American communities. Move on to all of Democratic members of Congress who spoke out against law enforcement and stood by those who oppose law and order, not to mention voting to defund the police. And don’t forget the radicalized district attorneys across the country who purposely chose not to prosecute violent thugs. They chose not to carry out their constitutional duty to protect their own constituents—purely on political grounds, making America less safe.

Once the FBI thoroughly investigates BLM, then Antifa is next. Cities like Portland, Oregon are still suffering from Antifa-driven violence, to the point where even local Democratic officials can’t stay silent anymore. While the FBI is at it, the Democrats who ignored Antifa and refused to enforce the law should be investigated too.

For over a year, our nation has been terrorized by America-hating, left-wing extremists, only to see Democrats and their mainstream media propaganda allies pretend left-wing terrorism doesn’t exist. The radical Left’s enablers are complicit. Over the last 15 months, America has become more divided and less safe because of the 21st-century Marxists spitting in the face of unity.

For President Biden and the FBI to insinuate that innocent Trump supporters are a threat to our Republic is nothing more than a deflection. There is a serious threat to America, however, and it is the radical Left. They truly do want to bring down our country.