Republicans Must Impeach Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray

Over a week since the Mar-a-Lago raid, accountability is still nowhere to be found. As the liberal media celebrates government overreach, the raid’s legality is a question not asked by those seeking to vilify Donald Trump at every turn.

The Biden administration is clearly desperate to change the subject, while the president ducks media questions on vacation.

But Americans cannot normalize what happened in Florida. By raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, the Washington, D.C. establishment yet again revealed its utter disdain for the man, his agenda, and the tens of millions of Americans who support him to this day. (He’s a more popular president than his successor, by the way.) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) once again showed that federal law enforcement will take a backseat to petty partisan politics, with Trump being treated and disrespected like some villain from a Bond movie.

But just because the FBI’s misconduct is unsurprising does not justify it. To the contrary, the FBI’s “assault” on Mar-a-Lago (to quote Trump) is a stunning abuse of power, and one that sets a dangerous precedent for Republicans to come. President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), the most partisan since the Obama years, has similarly overstepped its authority by leaps and bounds, choosing to vilify a former president long after his years of public service ended.

And for what reason, exactly? No one knows. But the overarching mission is clear: To stop Trump from running in 2024. Based on recent federal enforcement actions, the endgame is to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot for political reasons.

For years, federal law enforcement agencies have hounded the Trump family, calling the president a Russian pawn and accusing him of betraying his nation, without credible evidence of course. After nearly 700 days of investigation featuring nearly 500 witnesses, the infamous Mueller report on “Russian collision” found nothing. Despite spending more than $30 million to drag Trump’s name through the mud, esteemed bureaucrat Robert Mueller found no credible evidence of said collusion—nothing, nada, zilch.

Yet the Washington swamp grows ever larger, threatening to swallow up those who speak the truth by speaking out against the establishment. Picking up the mantle now is Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Obama-era Supreme Court nominee whose mission is to punish Republicans for daring to do him wrong years ago. Inspired by Mueller, Garland is determined to turn the DOJ into a political weapon wielded against Americans who refuse to toe the leftist line. This is the same man who undermines today’s Supreme Court, accusing conservative judges of eliminating freedom and liberty.

Then there’s FBI Director Christopher Wray, who routinely ducks questions from members of Congress and the mainstream media—while gallivanting on his private jet. Under Wray’s leadership, FBI agents are reportedly stopping investigations into Hunter Biden (e.g. the son of a sitting president) and the Clinton Foundation, scapegoating Trump instead.

Why investigate the family member of the current president, or his shady business dealings in China and Ukraine?

Wray’s FBI also refuses to take the Afghan security threat or U.S.-Mexico border crisis seriously—because that would require doing one’s actual job. When faced with pressing problems at home and abroad, the FBI’s solution is to instead criminalize the Trump family.

Let’s be clear: For all intents and purposes, the FBI and the DOJ are no longer law enforcement purposes; they are effectively tools of the Democratic Party. They are weapons to be used against Donald Trump leading up the 2024 election. You see, Republicans are the true enemies, not Afghan evacuees who pose a security risk to the United States or the millions of illegal immigrants flooding our southern border. No, Republicans are the supervillains in this Bond flick.

In good faith, Americans cannot stand for such unabashed abuses of power. The federal government is crossing a dangerous line, and none more so than the Mar-a-Lago raid. Those responsible must be held accountable for spitting on the rule of law. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is right to introduce articles of impeachment against Garland, and Wray should be added to the list.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy put it, federal agencies have “reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.” Come November, it’s time for serious, long-overdue accountability.

When Republicans win back Congress, they should conduct immediate oversight of the DOJ and FBI. They need to investigate and ultimately impeach both Garland and Wray. Expose their corrupt, illegal behavior for what it is: Blind political obsession with destroying Trump before he can be re-elected in 2024. Their attempts to remove Trump from American politics are nothing short of criminal.

Enough is enough. America, it’s time to fight back against the true enemy of the state—the state itself.