OPINION: North Carolina’s future depends on Ted Budd

America is at a crossroads. There is no leadership in the White House. President Biden is the most ineffectual man to occupy it since President Carter before Reagan’s revolution, while his Democratic allies continue to move further and further left at the expense of everyday Americans.

Left-wing agenda items like climate change and identity politics cloud the thinking of Biden and his liberal allies, while hard-working employers, employees, and taxpayers are being left behind by inflation and a slumping economy writ large. At the White House, there is absolutely no focus on pocketbook matters, despite the fact that issues like inflation remain the top priority for the overwhelming majority of Americans — how to earn and save more money. Unfortunately, the only focus — backed by the liberal media — seems to be vilifying Republicans as supposed enemies of the state.

Then, of course, there’s Ukraine. As the world inches closer to World War III, President Biden appears to have no strategy in countering Russian aggression or making peace in Europe a reality. Biden’s style of “leadership” amounts to nothing more than symbolic gesture after symbolic gesture, hence the term “ineffectual.”

Leading up to Election Day, something’s gotta give. After nearly two years of a Biden presidency that has only divided America further and emboldened our enemies abroad, electoral change is imperative. Americans are desperate for their nation to get back on the right track, but that can only change with a red wave sweeping Democrats out of the offices they never deserved to hold in the first place.

Which brings us to North Carolina, where Rep. Ted Budd is running to replace retiring Sen. Richard Burr. A businessman-turned-public-servant, Budd’s Senate race is an extremely important step for Republicans as they seek to restore American greatness and oust those chipping away at it. He is the perfect man for Burr’s job, focusing his campaign on three key pillars: Inflation, crime, and the border crisis — three generational problems that President Biden either ignores or worsens instead of solving.