Biden Democrats Weaponize Government Against Their Political Opponents

Securing former President Donald Trump’s surrender, Democrats have taken historical precedent and spit on it. Last week will go down as one of the darkest in the history of American politics.

In Biden’s America, Democrats are more emboldened than ever before to target their political opponents by any means necessary—from dubious legal claims to vitriolic attacks through media channels. Bankrolled by left-wing financier George Soros and his family, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is desperate for his five minutes of fame and taking down Trump is the North Star for liberal Democrats. Rather than confronting violent crime in his own backyard, Bragg is singularly focused on a political vendetta, and his brainchild—the Trump indictment—can only be described as the ugliest witch hunt in recent memory.

Bragg is hitting Trump with 34 felony counts for the falsification of business records, but the charges are just window dressing. Trump’s real “crime” is being the leader of the “MAGA” movement, which Democrats have vowed to undermine and destroy for years now.

This is just politics—plain and simple. And, unfortunately, President Biden and his allies have made the weaponization of government a troubling trend since 2020. On the Left, targeting your opponents and their supporters is now standard operating procedure.

On the same day that “Twitter Files” journalist Matt Taibbi testified to a House subcommittee on the weaponization of government, the Biden administration once again—you guessed it—weaponized government, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) paying Taibbi a visit at his home. Is that just bad luck? Or a coincidence?

Given the political retribution carried out by Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, I wouldn’t be so naive. Under the Obama administration, the IRS infamously targeted right-leaning nonprofit organizations, and Biden is simply carrying on that unsavory legacy.

Should we also ignore Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) arresting pro-life activists? For engaging in a so-called “civil rights conspiracy,” whatever that means? Of course not, not when DOJ officials were intimately involved with the Trump indictment.

The Biden administration has taught Americans to assume the worst about the Left’s motives. Hunter Biden is somehow still being investigated by the Biden DOJ, despite all of the details from his even more infamous laptop already being released to the public. Similarly, the investigation into Joe Biden’s document leak is still ongoing, even though the documents were first discovered last November. Five months later, Biden officials continue to deny, ignore, and change the subject, while Americans are no closer to accountability.

It seems that targeting a former president is a higher priority than the one currently in office. Accountability for the Biden family’s seemingly nefarious, high-dollar connections to China, Russia, and Ukraine is similarly elusive—years after the fact.

These are dark days indeed. Over two years into the Biden administration, America’s political landscape has become a breeding ground for unprecedented retribution. On a regular basis, Biden vilifies “MAGA Republicans” in public, and his words match the actions of the Democratic Party writ large—Bragg et al.

The Left still cannot accept the fact that tens of millions of Americans voted for Trump in 2016 and again in 2020, and left-wing Democrats will stop at nothing to strike back. Targeting the “MAGA” crowd—real or contrived—amounts to a Tarantino-style revenge fantasy for the radical Left. The Democratic Party is now full of John Wicks taking matters into their own hands.

I worry about the darkness to come, with so many dangerous precedents being set now. Once the government is weaponized once, its weaponization becomes all the more inevitable in the future—especially with Democrats in power. Under Biden’s leadership, there is no light for Americans at the end of the tunnel.