11Biden campaigns on the economy at his own peril

The 2024 campaign is heating up, and President Biden is campaigning on … the economy?

On the campaign trail, Mr. Biden has doubled down on “Bidenomics,” which he claims to be “restoring the American dream.” Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is similarly championing the Biden economic platform, which is allegedly responsible for cutting inflation in half.

Was Bidenomics also responsible for the four-decade inflation high of 9.1% in June 2022? Or the 16.6% increase in inflation since Mr. Biden took office? I guess not.

While the liberal media paints the picture of a Biden-led economic resurgence, the cost of food is still up nearly 6% year-over-year. The price of baby food and formula is still up 7.5%. Fruit and vegetable costs are up almost 9%, and 11.5% for bread. The price of pet food, meanwhile, has jumped over 12%.

How about monthly rent? Up 8.3%.

It’s funny how numbers work. Going from one to two sounds totally different than “200%,” but it’s all a matter of framing.

On the one hand, Mr. Biden and his allies are right to realize that the 2024 election will come down to the economy. Electorally speaking, they are better off harping on the economy than affirmative action or gender identity, given that pocketbook issues affect us all.

But in their hubristic self-righteousness, Biden Democrats are misreading the room. Drawing more attention to Bidenomics is bound to backfire because it only draws attention to its unpopularity.

Doubling down on the Biden economy means doubling down on fear, frustration and utter disgust. At a time when nearly 70% of Americans fear a potential recession, it is hardly the time to champion recessionary economics.

If Bidenomics is so successful, then why do so many people hate it? I’m not the only one asking the question. Look no further than former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich’s latest lament, “Why aren’t Americans happier about the economy?”

Because when you strip away the Biden narrative, the numbers don’t lie: U.S. inflation is still above the Federal Reserve’s own target rate of 2%, signaling more interest rate increases in the months ahead. The national mortgage rate average currently exceeds 7% — up from 2.65% when Mr. Biden became president.

At the same time, wage growth isn’t keeping up with inflation, so people are less able to afford the cost of living, whether it means buying groceries or financing a home. People are losing money in Mr. Biden’s economy, and they know it.

Americans aren’t stupid. People can tell when their wallets feel lighter, and they are right to blame Mr. Biden for it.

After all, the president’s current approval rating is barely 40%, and even lower in battleground states.

Do you know what’s even lower? Mr. Biden’s economic approval rating. Only 1 in 3 U.S. adults approve of the president’s economic “leadership.”

People in states like Pennsylvania are struggling to pay for gas, electricity and other necessities, and even most Democrats aren’t sold on Bidenomics. For American voters, the economy remains the top concern in the 2024 election, despite the White House’s rosy tweets.

Yet Mr. Biden doubles down on a losing issue, all while sending tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine.

I still haven’t seen a White House tweet about the Ukraine war’s financial toll — not on Ukraine, but on American taxpayers.

Nor have I seen a tweet about the American dollar potentially losing its status as the global economy’s reserve currency. Nor is there a tweet about Saudi Arabia favoring the Chinese yuan over the petrodollar.

What I have seen is Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen bowing at the feet of the Chinese government — America’s chief economic rival.

What I see daily is the Biden administration treating China as an ally instead of an adversary, despite China’s own intentions to the contrary. Millions of other Americans see it too.

If President Biden campaigns on the economy, he does so at his own peril. There’s no worse bet in American politics than Bidenomics.

11Joe Biden’s Criminal Behavior Risks National Security, Justifies Impeachment

The walls have closed in on Hunter Biden, the president’s beleaguered son whose shady business activities grow more nefarious by the day. Some semblance of accountability recently came in the form of a guilty plea, when Hunter admitted to federal tax evasion.

Based on the Justice Department’s court filings, Joe Biden’s son failed to pay taxes in a timely matter for the years 2017 and 2018, owing at least $200,000 in total. While the exact sentence remains unclear, a slap on the wrist is most likely. No punishment has been administered for Hunter’s nefarious business dealingswith foreign governments in China, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries. So the walls have really only closed in a bit.

Despite countless millions of dollars being at stake in moves that potentially jeopardized U.S. national security, Hunter continues to duck responsibility—emboldened by a Washington establishment that fails to look closer at the evidence.

One thing is clear: Hunter Biden and “corruption” are synonymous. The president’s son clearly leveraged his last name and various political connections for personal profit. Hunter adds no other value to Chinese or Ukrainian energy companies but the close ties to his father and other high-ranking Democrats. Foreign companies knew that, paying Hunter for access, and access alone.

It’s not breaking news to suggest Hunter’s hands are dirty; they have never been clean. What matters more at the moment, however, is Joe Biden’s response to his son’s various scandals. And that response is far, far worse than any of Hunters’s transgressions. As federal regulators have probed Hunter in recent months, the president has repeatedly, stubbornly undermined their efforts to profess “love” for his son. (The liberal media all too willingly laps up the love story too.)

According to IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley and others, Biden’s DOJ provided Hunter with preferential treatment, slow-walked all investigation into his business activities, and failed to mitigate any potential conflicts of interest involving the president. The recent federal tax charge is essentially a sweetheart deal brokered to benefit Joe Biden when a much more serious punishment was fair game.

Shapley, a 14-year IRS veteran, admitted that his attempts to look further into money trails connecting the president were blocked by more senior prosecutors. With roadblocks erected to protect Joe Biden, a sweetheart deal became inevitable, despite the possibility of Hunter coordinating with his father. All the while, the president’s son wrote off as business expenses the money paid for prostitutes, sex club memberships, and hotel rooms for alleged drug dealers. In Shapley’s words: “I would say that [senior prosecutors] limited certain investigative leads that could have potentially provided information on the President of the United States.”

There is a clear double standard when it comes to Joe Biden, a Democratic president and liberal media darling who is routinely portrayed as an “aw-shucks” figure. As Shapley put it, “If [Hunter] was a small business owner or any other non-connected individual, they would have been charged with felony counts.”

Just imagine if Donald Trump happened to be involved in the same situation. The former president, slammed for how he scooped ice cream or saluted U.S. troops, would be skewered in public discourse for even a dreamed-up connection to corruption in his personal orbit. If a “Russian collusion” myth somehow got Donald Trump impeached, what is the punishment for Joe Biden?

Biden isn’t just protecting his son. As vice president, he potentially participated in a shakedown of foreign governments that has national security ramifications today. According to the New York Post, Israeli professor and “missing witness” Dr. Gal Luft was allegedly arrested in Cyprus to stop him from testifying to the House Oversight Committee that the Biden family received payments from people associated with Chinese military intelligence.

The mounting evidence of Biden’s criminal behavior is now forcing the hand of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who must take a stand.It won’t be an easy choice, since the Speaker of the House is traditionally hesitant to initiate an impeachment proceeding against a duly elected president. It is one of the most solemn decisions that a Speaker can make, and it should only be done under the most serious of circumstances.

Recent history has also shown that American voters are skeptical of the partisan abuse of the impeachment process, and they tend to rally in support of the president. Following the Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky scandals, the Republican-controlled House impeached Bill Clinton, only for Clinton to finish his second term with the highest approval rating of any modern president. In a similar fashion, Trump, who was impeached twice based on obvious political motivations, now narrowly leads Biden in head-to-head 2024 polls.

Speaker McCarthy must consider the political ramifications of impeaching Biden entering an election year. Such a decision is fraught with political risks, but the evidence being brought by multiple whistleblowers against Biden has become overwhelming. If true, the alleged criminal activity is precisely why the Founding Fathers included the impeachment process in the U.S. Constitution.

By the standard of the anti-Trump Left, Biden should have already been impeached, without even mentioning the ongoing investigation into his mishandling of classified documents. If the allegations are true, the president was an accomplice to Hunter’s crimes, possibly even receiving kickbacks himself. He therefore compromised the office of the presidency, putting himself at risk of blackmail at the whims of the Chinese government and others. Yet, to quote Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), the Washington establishment is now “working harder than an ugly stripper” to cover up for the Biden family.

As long as a sitting president is allowed to meddle in probes against his own family members, especially those who dealt frequently with foreign governments, U.S. national security will be in jeopardy. When foreign adversaries like China and Russia may have compromised a president’s son, only for that president and his son to be treated with kid gloves, America grows weaker.

At a time when strength is needed in geopolitics, the Bidens make America less secure. They only bring weakness, and we all suffer the consequences.

Ted Harvey serves as chairman of the Committee to Defeat the President.

11Biden Democrats Weaponize Government Against Their Political Opponents

Securing former President Donald Trump’s surrender, Democrats have taken historical precedent and spit on it. Last week will go down as one of the darkest in the history of American politics.

In Biden’s America, Democrats are more emboldened than ever before to target their political opponents by any means necessary—from dubious legal claims to vitriolic attacks through media channels. Bankrolled by left-wing financier George Soros and his family, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is desperate for his five minutes of fame and taking down Trump is the North Star for liberal Democrats. Rather than confronting violent crime in his own backyard, Bragg is singularly focused on a political vendetta, and his brainchild—the Trump indictment—can only be described as the ugliest witch hunt in recent memory.

Bragg is hitting Trump with 34 felony counts for the falsification of business records, but the charges are just window dressing. Trump’s real “crime” is being the leader of the “MAGA” movement, which Democrats have vowed to undermine and destroy for years now.

This is just politics—plain and simple. And, unfortunately, President Biden and his allies have made the weaponization of government a troubling trend since 2020. On the Left, targeting your opponents and their supporters is now standard operating procedure.

On the same day that “Twitter Files” journalist Matt Taibbi testified to a House subcommittee on the weaponization of government, the Biden administration once again—you guessed it—weaponized government, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) paying Taibbi a visit at his home. Is that just bad luck? Or a coincidence?

Given the political retribution carried out by Biden’s former boss, Barack Obama, I wouldn’t be so naive. Under the Obama administration, the IRS infamously targeted right-leaning nonprofit organizations, and Biden is simply carrying on that unsavory legacy.

Should we also ignore Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) arresting pro-life activists? For engaging in a so-called “civil rights conspiracy,” whatever that means? Of course not, not when DOJ officials were intimately involved with the Trump indictment.

The Biden administration has taught Americans to assume the worst about the Left’s motives. Hunter Biden is somehow still being investigated by the Biden DOJ, despite all of the details from his even more infamous laptop already being released to the public. Similarly, the investigation into Joe Biden’s document leak is still ongoing, even though the documents were first discovered last November. Five months later, Biden officials continue to deny, ignore, and change the subject, while Americans are no closer to accountability.

It seems that targeting a former president is a higher priority than the one currently in office. Accountability for the Biden family’s seemingly nefarious, high-dollar connections to China, Russia, and Ukraine is similarly elusive—years after the fact.

These are dark days indeed. Over two years into the Biden administration, America’s political landscape has become a breeding ground for unprecedented retribution. On a regular basis, Biden vilifies “MAGA Republicans” in public, and his words match the actions of the Democratic Party writ large—Bragg et al.

The Left still cannot accept the fact that tens of millions of Americans voted for Trump in 2016 and again in 2020, and left-wing Democrats will stop at nothing to strike back. Targeting the “MAGA” crowd—real or contrived—amounts to a Tarantino-style revenge fantasy for the radical Left. The Democratic Party is now full of John Wicks taking matters into their own hands.

I worry about the darkness to come, with so many dangerous precedents being set now. Once the government is weaponized once, its weaponization becomes all the more inevitable in the future—especially with Democrats in power. Under Biden’s leadership, there is no light for Americans at the end of the tunnel.

11President Biden Unfit, Unprepared to Combat an Aggressive China

China is on the move. President Biden, meanwhile, is failing America to an astonishing degree.

I grew up in Colorado at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain, the original home of the joint U.S.-Canadian North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). NORAD’s primary mission is to protect North American air space. So, in the midst of the Chinese ballon scandal, what exactly went wrong? How was China’s first spy balloon able to fly across Alaska and parts of Canada before being spotted by a private pilot flying above Montana?

What Americans have seen in recent days is an unacceptable failure on the part of the entire U.S. national defense system—and the commander in chief. The American people deserve answers from the man “in charge,” Joe Biden.

How is it that the Biden administration allowed the (first) Chinese ballon to fly across the entire continental United States before shooting it down over the Atlantic Ocean? How much intelligence was our enemy—China’s communist government—able to collect? Americans still don’t know the full story.

This incompetent, irresponsible handling of an unprecedented national security breach is outrageous. President Biden must be held accountable.

As more details are revealed, it’s clear that the Chinese Communist Party is mobilizing heavily. According to the unfit and unprepared Biden administration, China’s ballon surveillance program is “global in scope.” Similar surveillance devices have been spotted in the Middle East, including Afghanistan. And China is now increasing its defense budget by 11 percent, setting its sights on nearby Taiwan.

This is the most aggressive, emboldened version of communist China that we’ve seen in decades.  And it’s no coincidence: China, led by Xi Jinping, has been emboldened by President Biden, whose administration has either inadequately dealt with the Chinese threat or ignored it altogether. There is a reason why China is aligning itself with the likes of Iran and Russia now, aggressively courting America’s adversaries as allies.

The reason is Joe Biden. Lest we forget the State of the Union, where he barely mentioned China as an adversary. The president spent more time lamenting hotel and baggage fees than confronting the Chinese threat with any semblance of resolve, strength, or leadership. Even worse, he reminded Xi that the Biden administration seeks “competition, not conflict” with China.

The only issue with Biden’s faux-diplomacy is that Xi disagrees. As the recent wave of Chinese balloon surveillance reminds all Americans, the Chinese government obviously sees the United States as an enemy. The Biden administration may seek competition, but Xi’s government has made conflict more likely than at any point in recent memory.

The logical question is this: What does the Biden administration do in response? Unfortunately, the “who” suggests the American response will be as passive and weak as can be expected from a president out of his depths. President Biden has yet to even brief the American people on China’s maneuvering or the potential for U.S. retaliation, whatever that may be (or not).

Expecting answers, American citizens have received a combination of mixed messaging from Biden officials and radio silence from their boss. At least we now know that aliens aren’t to blame, courtesy of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

The current commander in chief is a far, far cry from his predecessors, who regularly addressed Americans during times of crisis. President Biden’s non-response to the Chinese threat is a sobering departure from another Democrat, President John F. Kennedy, whose famous address on the Cuban Missile Crisiscleared the bare-minimum bar of actually informing the public. That historic response—delivered by a man fit for the job—clearly asks too much of President Biden.

The federal government’s top priority is to expose and counter any and all acts of Chinese aggression. For too long, politicians like Biden have appeased or disregarded an expansionist China, intent on dominating global affairs in more ways than one. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

The rapid expansion of Chinese-controlled TikTok on American soil is not only another example of China’s resurgent power play, but also another blatant failure on the part of Biden Democrats who treat the TikTok menace like it doesn’t exist. Even as Republicans attempt to mitigate TikTok’s surveillance of countless consumers, they are met with ridicule from Democrats and their media allies.

Enough: The time to respond to China is now. For the national disgrace named Joe Biden, the clock is ticking.

11America, Brace for a Red Wave on Tuesday. It’s Real.

For months, Americans have been hearing about a “red wave.” Joe Rogan’s predicting one, the liberal media agrees, and actual American voters are venting their frustrations on a daily basis.

In President Biden’s America, the frustration is well-deserved. The U.S. economy is on the brink of recession (if it’s not recessionary already), American pocketbooks are being decimated by inflation and stock market downturns, and then there’s the lack of response from Biden Democrats who have no real solutions to America’s problems.

Not surprisingly, Biden’s approval rating remains in the gutter. Breaking news: Only 10 percent of voters under 40—once a reliable Democrat voting bloc—still support the Biden presidency, expressing deep concerns about the inflationary economy. That doesn’t bode well for Democrats on Election Day, no matter how often they change the subject to abortion and similar issues. Nor does historical precedent bode well either, with the incumbent party in the White House generally losing congressional seats two years into power.

On the Left, the general excitement just isn’t there. From crime and illegal immigration to the economy, there are so many problems in Biden’s America that it’s virtually impossible for even liberals to rally around a stale Democratic Party. The leader of that party inspires no hope, optimism, or passion, with Barack Obama recently being dragged out of retirement to help lessen the blow.

Trump rallies and Biden “rallies” are night and day. Even Obama can’t compete with the enthusiasm of the Trump years, and many Republicans are building on that momentum en route to victory. Rep. Ted Budd (R-NC), a staunchly “America First” candidate, now has the upper hand on Cheri Beasley—a radical supporter of the “Black Lives Matter” and “Defund the Police” movements—in North Carolina’s Senate race. When polls should be tightening up, Republicans like Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Dr. Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania) are surging against their opponents.

Look at New Hampshire, which Biden won by roughly eight points in 2020 and Democrats have won consistently since 2000. Races in the Granite State are now leaning Republican, and they’ll lean even further right on Election Day. Because the state does not have early voting, public sentiment is poised to become even more anti-Biden in the coming days.

The 2022 electoral shift is driven in large part by a demographic shift, with minority groups embracing the Republican platform of law and order in unprecedented ways. Many Asian, Black, and Hispanic voters are seriously questioning their allegiances to the Democratic Party, which seems to care more about transgender issues than pocketbook policy priorities like economic growth, business expansion, and job creation. Now more than ever before, there is a real competition for minority votes, with Democrats losing ground and Republicans taking advantage.

When it’s all said and done, most Americans just want to live the American Dream and support the candidates who make their lives easier. They want to support the political party in favor of economic prosperity—one that isn’t distracted by ridiculous social issues of the day. And, when it’s all said and done, the 2022 midterms will prove that Republicans like Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX) aren’t “one-off” success stories. Election Day will punish Democrats who shun people like Flores just because they happen to believe in traditional American values rather than liberal talking points.

My organization, the Committee to Defeat the President, has been mobilizing unprecedented support for pro-Trump Republicans in recent months. The energy on the ground is incredibly high. Based on the Committee’s interactions at the grassroots level, Republican excitement and enthusiasm are palpable. We’re investing in states like New Hampshire and North Carolina because voters are giving the “America First” platform a popular mandate once again.

The red wave is real because no amount of liberal demagoguery or left-wing political spending can overcome America’s popular mandate. And the Biden agenda is historically unpopular.

Believe what you’ve heard about Republican gains in 2022. They are real, and they will wipe out countless Democrats on Election Day.

11OPINION: North Carolina’s future depends on Ted Budd

America is at a crossroads. There is no leadership in the White House. President Biden is the most ineffectual man to occupy it since President Carter before Reagan’s revolution, while his Democratic allies continue to move further and further left at the expense of everyday Americans.

Left-wing agenda items like climate change and identity politics cloud the thinking of Biden and his liberal allies, while hard-working employers, employees, and taxpayers are being left behind by inflation and a slumping economy writ large. At the White House, there is absolutely no focus on pocketbook matters, despite the fact that issues like inflation remain the top priority for the overwhelming majority of Americans — how to earn and save more money. Unfortunately, the only focus — backed by the liberal media — seems to be vilifying Republicans as supposed enemies of the state.

Then, of course, there’s Ukraine. As the world inches closer to World War III, President Biden appears to have no strategy in countering Russian aggression or making peace in Europe a reality. Biden’s style of “leadership” amounts to nothing more than symbolic gesture after symbolic gesture, hence the term “ineffectual.”

Leading up to Election Day, something’s gotta give. After nearly two years of a Biden presidency that has only divided America further and emboldened our enemies abroad, electoral change is imperative. Americans are desperate for their nation to get back on the right track, but that can only change with a red wave sweeping Democrats out of the offices they never deserved to hold in the first place.

Which brings us to North Carolina, where Rep. Ted Budd is running to replace retiring Sen. Richard Burr. A businessman-turned-public-servant, Budd’s Senate race is an extremely important step for Republicans as they seek to restore American greatness and oust those chipping away at it. He is the perfect man for Burr’s job, focusing his campaign on three key pillars: Inflation, crime, and the border crisis — three generational problems that President Biden either ignores or worsens instead of solving.

11Open-Border Democrats Get What They Deserve, America-First Republicans Get Even

Illegal immigrants in New York! Washington, D.C. too! Martha’s Vineyard even!

Suddenly, the U.S.-Mexico border crisis is real. Because the people affected are now left-wing Democrats in East Coast “sanctuary cities,” rather than those retreads in Florida and Texas, the liberal media has seen the light. Democrats and their media allies have found their common sense, complaining about the “border crisis” (yes, they use those words now)—you know, calling a spade a spade.

In recent weeks, liberal hypocrisy has rightly been exposed by voices across the political spectrum. But this story isn’t just about liberal Democrats getting what they deserve. Establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, and the entire Bush clan have long sold “immigration reform” as the solution to America’s border problem, proposing policies like a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

The issues on display today stem, at least in part, from the “immigration reformers” who regularly refused to uphold the rule of law and looked down on border security. The current chaos on our southern border falls on their shoulders. And, while Democrats are clearly singular in their hypocrisy, the border crisis is a bipartisan boondoggle.

For decades, there has been an unholy alliance between open-border Democrats and establishment Republicans—working with national organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—to undermine law and order. They helped create the crisis by selling a lie that Republicans must appease the Left on immigration to avoid alienating the Hispanic vote.

It was a lie then and it’s a lie now. Along came Donald Trump in 2015, running on the rule of law and border security to defeat his establishment opponents and snag the Republican nomination for president. In 2016, he rode an “America First” platform that included closing the border en route to the White House.

And guess what? Did Hispanic voters abandon the Republican Party in droves? Did they call Republicans xenophobes and racists for simply opposing illegal immigration?

Not quite. To the contrary, Latinos are now more open to voting Republican than ever before, understanding that beliefs like economic growth and limited government benefit them too. Across the political spectrum, Hispanic voters also recognize the fact that illegal immigration only ends up hurting American citizens and immigrants who came here legally. According to The Hill congressional reporter Mychael Schnell, “Some Latino Democrats are frustrated with Democratic efforts to attain legal status for undocumented immigrants.”

Nearly a decade since the “Gang of Eight” proclaimed “immigration reform” as the only path forward for Republicans, Hispanic voters are now siding with Republicans on hot-button issues like inflation. Cue the recent Wall Street Journal headline: “Latino Voters, Once Solidly Democratic, Split Along Economic Lines.”

In 2022, Americans are witnessing an unprecedented demographic shift, with Hispanics rejecting the identity politics of the Left and truly voting their conscience. That is the secret behind Rep. Mayra Flores’ (R-TX) historic election earlier this year.

For Democrats, it’s karma. It’s been a long time coming. Even now, Democrats don’t really have a solution to the immigration problem, choosing to scapegoat red-state governors instead of actually addressing the border crisis. And their ineptitude is borne out in the polling data: Nearly 60 percent of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s immigration policy.

The Hispanic shift—personified by Flores—rejects the liberal hypothesis that opening the southern border would reward Democrats with millions of new votes. There’s a reason why Biden and other Democrats believe in amnesty for illegal immigrants: They see those people as new cogs in the Democratic machine (at least, until the mass migrant move north). This was never about compassion; Democrats have always looked at illegal immigrants as voters to exploit. In the Left’s eyes, the “pathway to citizenship” has always been a pathway to electoral victory.

How the tides have turned. For the first time ever, Republicans are no longer pandering to Hispanic voters with demeaning, racist assumptions. Trump and his supporters embraced Latinos who came here legally as equals, welcoming them to the melting pot and encouraging them to live the American Dream. Like all Americans, Latino voters believe in old-fashioned American values—from education and law enforcement to economic prosperity. They want what most people want: The chance at a better life.

Republicans can relish the liberal hypocrites eating their words now. But let there be a lesson learned too: Put America first, and a wide range of Americans will support you. The Republican Party is finally one big tent.

11Op-Ed: As Democrats Pat Themselves on the Back Over ‘Climate Wins,’ Red Wave Grows

Faced with historically high inflation and a struggling economy, what do Democrats do? Fight climate change, of course! Expand the IRS, of course!

After signing the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” into law, President Joe Biden celebrated “the biggest step forward on climate ever.” Other Democrats welcomed the new army of IRS agents ready to make American taxpayers miserable.

Then there’s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who commented that the “Democrats’ economic agenda is driving a steady and robust recovery.”

There’s just one problem: Democrats don’t really have an economic agenda, other than taxing people more. Pelosi’s signature climate package does nothing to address sky-high prices or spur an economic recovery. It does nothing to incentivize small business expansion or job creation.

Despite inflation emerging as the top concern for American voters, out-of-touch Democrats are “hearing” them by tackling greenhouse gas emissions instead. It’s a bizarre strategy leading up to the 2022 elections, to say the least.

One recent New York Times headline put it best: “Biden Signs Climate, Health Bill Into Law as Other Economic Goals Remain.” Ah, yes, the economy remains!

None of this bodes well for Democrats come November. They may celebrate hundreds of billions of dollars in new spending and “climate wins” (whatever that means), but Americans aren’t stupid. They see the writing on the wall.

From sky-high gas prices to staffing shortages and supply chain issues, the economic picture actually isn’t so rosy at the moment. There is still credible talk of recession. Real wages are down nearly 4 percent over the last year (a 40-year record), while inflation exceeds 9 percent (another 40-year record).

In other words, Americans are losing money, while the federal government is content spending hundreds of billions of dollars more. Recent research shows that inflation will cost U.S. families more than $4,000 in 2022 alone,

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American families are indeed blaming Biden for their economic woes. His approval rating has dropped to 36 percent — the worst of his presidency. A record 52 percent of Americans expect the economy to get worse over the next 12 months. And there is little to no faith in Bidenomics to steady the ship: Only 25 percent of Americans believe in Biden’s handling of pocketbook issues like inflation. (The fact that 25 percent still believe in Biden is shocking in itself. Who are these people?)

Electoral signs also shed light on Biden’s historic failures. In recent days, pro-Trump conservatives have run away with primary victory after primary victory in states like Arizona and Michigan. Dozens of Trump-endorsed candidates are well-positioned to secure subsequent victories in their respective states, showing that the “America First” movement of 2016 is still alive and well. Not only that, but Trump voters and their preferred candidates are more energetic than they were even in 2016 and 2020, determined to stop the bleeding in Biden’s America.

I’m on the ground in key battleground states, and the energy is palpable. Early polling in states like Ohio is promising. Americans want to make their country great again. And Trump supporters aren’t the only ones fed up with the status quo. After all, most independents disapprove of the Biden presidency and the failure it breeds.

It’s not enough to voice disapproval. Americans need to vote in 2022. On both sides of the political spectrum, American voters must undo the damage being done by Biden Democrats and bring true leadership back to our nation — from Arizona and Michigan to Washington, D.C.

There is no stronger platform than putting America first. Growing the economy, reducing inflation and expressing patriotism are all winning platforms. Donald Trump proved it in 2016 and his successors are proving it in 2022.

Momentum is on the side of leaders who take pocketbook issues seriously. Economic solutions are the first, second and third priorities — and Republicans have them. The red wave will happen because of the economy, stupid.

In the meantime, Democrats can keep putting out a positive spin. They can keep patting themselves on the back for a job not done. The red wave will only grow larger, sweeping away America’s reality deniers.

The more Biden and Pelosi congratulate themselves, the more out-of-touch they become. And the more their party will lose in November.

11Republicans Must Impeach Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray

Over a week since the Mar-a-Lago raid, accountability is still nowhere to be found. As the liberal media celebrates government overreach, the raid’s legality is a question not asked by those seeking to vilify Donald Trump at every turn.

The Biden administration is clearly desperate to change the subject, while the president ducks media questions on vacation.

But Americans cannot normalize what happened in Florida. By raiding Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, the Washington, D.C. establishment yet again revealed its utter disdain for the man, his agenda, and the tens of millions of Americans who support him to this day. (He’s a more popular president than his successor, by the way.) The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) once again showed that federal law enforcement will take a backseat to petty partisan politics, with Trump being treated and disrespected like some villain from a Bond movie.

But just because the FBI’s misconduct is unsurprising does not justify it. To the contrary, the FBI’s “assault” on Mar-a-Lago (to quote Trump) is a stunning abuse of power, and one that sets a dangerous precedent for Republicans to come. President Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), the most partisan since the Obama years, has similarly overstepped its authority by leaps and bounds, choosing to vilify a former president long after his years of public service ended.

And for what reason, exactly? No one knows. But the overarching mission is clear: To stop Trump from running in 2024. Based on recent federal enforcement actions, the endgame is to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot for political reasons.

For years, federal law enforcement agencies have hounded the Trump family, calling the president a Russian pawn and accusing him of betraying his nation, without credible evidence of course. After nearly 700 days of investigation featuring nearly 500 witnesses, the infamous Mueller report on “Russian collision” found nothing. Despite spending more than $30 million to drag Trump’s name through the mud, esteemed bureaucrat Robert Mueller found no credible evidence of said collusion—nothing, nada, zilch.

Yet the Washington swamp grows ever larger, threatening to swallow up those who speak the truth by speaking out against the establishment. Picking up the mantle now is Attorney General Merrick Garland, the Obama-era Supreme Court nominee whose mission is to punish Republicans for daring to do him wrong years ago. Inspired by Mueller, Garland is determined to turn the DOJ into a political weapon wielded against Americans who refuse to toe the leftist line. This is the same man who undermines today’s Supreme Court, accusing conservative judges of eliminating freedom and liberty.

Then there’s FBI Director Christopher Wray, who routinely ducks questions from members of Congress and the mainstream media—while gallivanting on his private jet. Under Wray’s leadership, FBI agents are reportedly stopping investigations into Hunter Biden (e.g. the son of a sitting president) and the Clinton Foundation, scapegoating Trump instead.

Why investigate the family member of the current president, or his shady business dealings in China and Ukraine?

Wray’s FBI also refuses to take the Afghan security threat or U.S.-Mexico border crisis seriously—because that would require doing one’s actual job. When faced with pressing problems at home and abroad, the FBI’s solution is to instead criminalize the Trump family.

Let’s be clear: For all intents and purposes, the FBI and the DOJ are no longer law enforcement purposes; they are effectively tools of the Democratic Party. They are weapons to be used against Donald Trump leading up the 2024 election. You see, Republicans are the true enemies, not Afghan evacuees who pose a security risk to the United States or the millions of illegal immigrants flooding our southern border. No, Republicans are the supervillains in this Bond flick.

In good faith, Americans cannot stand for such unabashed abuses of power. The federal government is crossing a dangerous line, and none more so than the Mar-a-Lago raid. Those responsible must be held accountable for spitting on the rule of law. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is right to introduce articles of impeachment against Garland, and Wray should be added to the list.

As House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy put it, federal agencies have “reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization.” Come November, it’s time for serious, long-overdue accountability.

When Republicans win back Congress, they should conduct immediate oversight of the DOJ and FBI. They need to investigate and ultimately impeach both Garland and Wray. Expose their corrupt, illegal behavior for what it is: Blind political obsession with destroying Trump before he can be re-elected in 2024. Their attempts to remove Trump from American politics are nothing short of criminal.

Enough is enough. America, it’s time to fight back against the true enemy of the state—the state itself.

11Op-Ed: ‘Sunset’ Provision in Biden Iran Deal Will Trigger in 3 Years, And It Gets Worse

As President Joe Biden travels across the Middle East, where the Iran nuclear deal is sure to come up, he leaves a country battered by rising food and fuel prices.

American consumers are asking serious questions of the Biden administration. Short on answers, Biden is instead focused on reviving an Iran deal that has been criticized across the political divide — from The Heritage Foundation to the opinion pages of Newsweek and The Atlantic.

Sold as a deterrent against Iranian nuclearization (powered by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a designated terror group), the deal actually just delays the process with a “sunset” provision, which begins to expire after 2025.

The lifting of more than $130 billion worth of sanctions, meanwhile, only emboldens the IRGC to threaten the U.S., Israel and other Western democracies. This is the same IRGC responsible for hundreds of U.S. military deaths. And Biden’s response is to reward the terrorists?

Technically, the American people don’t even know Biden’s response to Iran. Robert Malley, U.S. special envoy for Iran, refuses to testify before Congress. His modus operandi is the closed-door briefing mixed with backroom dealmaking. Without public hearings on the matter, Americans are left guessing on negotiations that impact national security and global energy policy.


Governor Confirms Mass Casualty Crash on Highway; Freakish Weather Blamed

Whereas President Donald Trump remained a steadfast ally of Israel, brokering peace between Jews and Arabs, his successor sides with Palestinian leaderswho regularly terrorize the Israeli people. Rather than operating from a position of strength, Biden opts to beg Saudi Arabia to increase oil production in order to decrease U.S. energy prices.

The nation once denounced as a “pariah” by none other than Biden himself is somehow now America’s only hope for lower gas prices. Therein lies Biden’s real reason for going overseas: Saudi Arabia currently lays claim to the largest spare capacity of the major oil producers, meaning that U.S. dependence has reached an unprecedented level under anti-energy Democrats. So much for human rights.

The entire Biden foreign policy agenda is built on a false premise — that America should be a laggard rather than a leader.

Biden officials refuse to treat energy independence like the top priority that it has become. They are all too willing to set lofty targets for decarbonization, but far less willing to expand domestic oil and gas production in a time of crisis. The federal government continues to impose restrictions on federal oil and gas lease sales, slow down permitting for fossil fuel projects, and punish producers with burdensome climate disclosures.

Should the U.S. re-enter the Iran nuclear deal?

In the process, Biden Democrats are crushing everyday consumers who struggle to make ends meet. Pain at the pump is real, and Biden seems content to prohibit the painkillers. In his first week in office, Biden paused new oil and gas leasing on federal territory, extinguishing nearly 25 percent of U.S. oil and gas production. Now he has the audacity to scapegoat oil and gas companies for not producing enough after decades of vilifying them.

Americans can see through the duplicity and desperation. Coping with record-low approval ratings, Biden Democrats are in deep, deep trouble. They are bracing for a red tsunami in 2022.

But November is still months away. Americans need help now. The U.S. needs leadership from the White House now. The U.S. needs to be energy independent, but Washington, D.C., stands in the way.

Until White House leadership changes, nothing else will. Economic bleeding will continue. Energy dependence will be our reality — that and pointless photo shoots in the Middle East.