11New Pro-Trump Ad on Baghdadi Death: ‘Justice Served’

A pro-Trump political action committee is kicking off dual ad blitzes of more than $100,000 as it continues to advocate for President Donald Trump’s re-election.

The Committee to Defend the President revealed a new ad Friday that uses the recent killing of Islamic State (ISIS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a way to tout Trump’s accomplishments. The other ad targets African-American voters in major cities such as Atlanta, Baltimore, and Detroit.

“The world demanded justice, and Donald Trump delivered,” the narrator of the al-Baghdadi ad says. After playing clips of Trump talking about the terrorist before and after his death, the narrator ads, “Justice served, America protected.”

The ad will run on three major cable news networks before, during and after the upcoming Democratic presidential debate in Georgia, Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. It is also slated to start running on social media this weekend. At least $100,000 will be spent on it.

11The Numbers Are In: The Trump Economy Still Soars

Democrats sure do enjoy raining on the parade that is the Trump economy. Joe Biden, who somehow remains the Democratic frontrunner, recently accused President Trump of “squandering” the Obama economy in recent years.

Squandering what, exactly? Under the Obama administration, America’s unemployment rate peaked at 10 percent—the highest figure since the early 1980s. Employers struggled to create jobs, while employees and job-seekers saw fewer opportunities in the private sector.

President Trump, to his credit, has described today’s U.S. economy as one of the strongest ever. In his words: “Wages are rising, incomes are soaring, and 2.5 million Americans have been lifted out of poverty in less than three years.”

So who’s right? Well, the numbers are in, and they tell the same story: The Trump economy is indeed soaring.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’s latest jobs report, the U.S. economy added 128,000 jobs in October—exceeding initial estimates of 75,000. America’s unemployment rate (3.6 percent) remains one of the lowest in the last 50 years, while the total employment level reached a new high of 158.5 million people.

11Why are super PACs and other outside groups spending so little this cycle?

Fewer competitive special elections and an aversion to super PACs in the Democratic presidential primary are tamping down outside spending so far in the 2020 campaign cycle.

The $27.5 million in outside spending through Oct. 7 is less than half of what it was at this point in the 2018 cycle ($63.9 million) and substantially lower than 2016 ($49.1 million).

But with more than a year to go until November 2020, there’s still plenty of time for independent spenders –– typically super PACs that aren’t supposed to coordinate with candidates –– to catch up.

On top of that, the single-biggest donor to outside groups in 2016, Tom Steyer, has shifted his money into his own presidential bid. As a result, the presidential race has been the target of only $8.4 million in outside spending so far — less than a quarter of the total at the same point in 2016. The majority of that has come from two groups supporting Trump, the Committee to Defend the President and Great America PAC, the two biggest non-party outside spenders of this cycle.

11Pro-Trump super PAC files FEC complaint against DNC over Ukraine outreach

The Democratic National Committee has been hit with a Federal Election Commission complaint that accuses a former DNC contractor of acting improperly to gather information on Paul Manafort and Donald Trump in the 2016 election, according to a copy of the complaint given to Fox News.

The complaint, filed by the pro-Trump Committee to Defend the President, hinges on the work of Alexandra Chalupa, a contractor hired by the DNC during the 2016 election. The DNC, the complaint alleges, “tasked Chalupa with obtaining incriminating or derogatory information about Donald Trump … [and] Paul Manfort.”

In May, Fox News reported that the UkrainianEembassy confirmed that Chalupa had pushed for Ukrainian officials to publicly mention Manafort’s financial and political ties to the country. The disgraced former lobbyist is currently serving more than seven years in prison for financial fraud related to his work in Ukraine.

Chalupa, according to the complaint, sought to have the Ukrainian government provide her information about Manafort’s work in the country. She was encouraged by the DNC to meet with former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to gain insight that would theoretically boost Hillary Clinton’s bid for president.