11Op-Ed: As America Is More Divided Than Ever, We’re Still Waiting on Biden to Deliver His Magical ‘Unity’

Nearly a half-year into the Biden presidency, Americans are still waiting for the unity promised on Inauguration Day.

The fires of racial tension are still stoked as Democrats divide the U.S. population along the lines of skin color — whether the casualties are Republicans or not.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has refused to give interviews to white journalists, speaking blatant racism into existence to have only “black” or “brown” reporters interact with her.

This comes mere months after Coca-Cola asked its employees to be “less white” to fight racism — as if being more racist is the way to do it.

More recently, the liberal media has given a new name to anti-Semitism, scapegoating Israel for the Palestinian conflict and turning a blind eye to Hamas’ terrorism, simply because Jews and not Muslims are the victims.

And where is President Biden? Staying silent, per usual. The Biden administration continues to lament “systemic racism” without defining it, while ignoring the flashpoints of division when they don’t suit the Democratic platform.

Anti-white racism or anti-Semitic violence need not be condemned, according to “Moderate Joe,” since they don’t fit the left-wing narrative of victim-based identity politics.

We have reached a point where left-wing commentators are openly asking their ideological opponents, “What do you like about being white?” That’s how far we’ve come as a society.

Is it any surprise that Black Lives Matter protesters are still rioting and breaking windows in Portland, Oregon? Why wouldn’t they, when President Biden and other Democrats refuse to call a spade a spade? Why obey the law when the left refuses to denounce and deter BLM violence?

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Even in my daily life, I have seen America’s divisions run deep. Earlier this month, I was called a “cracker” and a “white supremacist” for getting to a parking spot first. On another occasion, I was labeled a “racist” by my Uber driver after helping him navigate a busy airport — respectfully, of course.

When race matters above all else, as Democrats like President Biden want it, racism is bound to manifest itself in even the most mundane moments.

I am by no means trying to play the victim card here. I am no victim. I deplore the victimhood politics of 2021. But there is a point to be made that the more Democrats peddle phrases like “systemic racism,” “critical race theory” or “reparations,” the more divided America becomes. Such rhetoric will never be unifying.

As Americans, we need to do more to unify our divided nation. We need to be better, as individuals. It shouldn’t be difficult to condemn all forms of racism and violence — whether it affects white people, black people or Jewish people.

It should be easy to call out the most radical among us, even if they happen to be “on our side.” When it comes to racism and violence, there are only two sides: Good and evil.

Unfortunately, “doing more” and “being better” won’t start at the top. Neither President Biden nor the Democratic Party is fit to unify us when racial identity is so ingrained in the left’s propaganda. Unity will never come from lip service when it’s supplemented by rhetoric and policies that amplify our racial differences instead of consolidating them into the “melting pot” that should be America.

At the very least, President Biden would retain his honesty by admitting his divisive agenda, rather than blowing smoke from the bully pulpit.

In truth, America’s only hope for unity is 2024, when President Biden leaves the White House and an “America First” Republican takes over. Until then, Americans should brace for more Democratic division — on TV and in their daily lives.

11Joe Biden’s 100 Days: partisan, negligent, and un-American

When President Biden hits the 100-day mark on Friday, Americans will be anything but excited about the “unity” of recent months.  If anything, Americans will be excited that we are 100 days closer to the end of the Biden presidency — one marked by bitter partisanship and reckless negligence.

First, let’s start with “unity,” a Biden buzzword on Inauguration Day.  After urging Republicans to embrace his mandate, Biden has refused to reach across the aisle while moving forward with more than 60 executive actions, including 40 executive orders — a modern-day record.  On his first day in office, Biden overturned President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum-seekers to apply before entering the United States.  This single change essentially created America’s border crisis, the worst in two decades.

Some Biden actions targeted the life of the unborn, religious freedom, and traditional families, while others focused on gender identity and transgender military service.  The Biden administration was also quick to rejoin the Paris Agreement, which remains legally nonbinding for the world’s leading polluters, such as China and India.

Then there’s the issue of gun control, which Biden is weaponizing to bring more legal cases against firearms dealers and manufacturers, while expanding federal oversight of assault-style firearms.  Reframing the right to bear arms as a “gun violence public health epidemic,” the Biden administration is treading all over the Second Amendment, which remains overwhelmingly popular among American citizens who believe in freedom and liberty.

Promising unity, Biden has instead made it a mission to undermine the U.S. Constitution, our nation’s most formative document.  Equally “unifying” is the Biden administration’s openness to packing the Supreme Court with liberal judges, in an attempt to offset the conservative majority currently in place.

How do we come together as Americans when our president governs like a left-wing Democrat?

It’s no wonder that the Democratic president faces one of the lowest job approval ratings since the 1940s.  Barely one-third of Americans approve of Biden’s work on the border crisis.  It doesn’t help that, after Biden designated her in charge of the U.S.-Mexico border, Vice President Kamala Harris has gone weeks without even visiting the southern border.

Alas, Biden continues to get a free pass from the liberal media.  News outlets like CNN now praise the president for turning America into a “global leader” on COVID-19, even though it was President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed that guaranteed the mass vaccination available to Americans today.  The Biden administration inherited vaccine development and a recovering economy, yet the CNN types credit only their Democratic allies for the good fortune.  Activist-journalists are perfectly fine with Democrats telling Americans to “trust the science,” yet they preach about mask-wearing and social distancing even after vaccination.  If Dr. Anthony Fauci and the Democrats who embolden him would have their way, the pandemic would drag on indefinitely.

Here’s the bottom line: from false promises and executive orders to COVID-19 paranoia, Biden’s first 100 days have been disastrous.  They have been catastrophic, which was to be expected.  Even worse, the Biden presidency has been un-American, with Democrats failing to secure our borders yet again.

Americans deserve much, much better.  What we deserve is one Biden term, a red wave in 2022, and a drastic change of leadership in 2024.

Ted Harvey serves as chairman of the anti-Biden Committee to Defeat the President.

11President Biden’s Border Crisis Borders on Treason

The U.S.-Mexico border is in shambles. Once again, America has an illegal immigration crisis on its hands, and there’s only one person to blame: President Biden.

The Biden administration knows exactly what is going on. President Biden had a front-row seat to the disastrous policies of the Obama administration, and he has purposely chosen to double down.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, federal authorities are encountering an average of nearly 600 unaccompanied migrant children per day—up from 313 children a day last month. In 2019, barely 200 unaccompanied migrant children were crossing the border daily on average—a more than twofold increase between the Trump and Biden administrations. Southwest border crossings are now on pace for the highest levels in two decades.

It gets even worse. Under the Biden administration, Border Patrol agents are now considering releasing illegal immigrants who claim asylum without issuing a “Notice to Appear.” In other words, illegal immigrants may depart custody without a court date. Put another way, they are invading the United States without repercussions. All the while, caravans of illegal immigrants continue to make their way to the southern border, overwhelming federal authorities who are desperate for any semblance of help from President Biden.

The current border crisis can be traced directly back to the open-border policies of President Obama. For eight years, large caravans of illegal immigrants flooded across Mexico from South America resulting in a humanitarian crisis on the southern border. The Biden administration fully understands the consequences of repeating President Obama’s dangerous policies, but Biden officials don’t care.

The Democratic Party no longer believes in a sovereign United States of America. Today’s Democrats are wholly committed to a world without borders

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Joe Biden often promised a “fair and humane” immigration system, calling for a “a clear roadmap to citizenship” for the more than 11 million people living in the United States unlawfully.

And the Biden administration acted on those promises. In February, Customs and Border Protection allowed the vast majority of migrant families it encountered on the U.S.-Mexico border to stay in the country, pending a decision on whether they will be allowed to stay permanently. Not surprisingly, illegal immigrants took Biden’s words and ran with them. According to one illegal immigrant who was interviewed in Arizona, he crossed the border illegally because Joe Biden was elected president. When asked if he would have made the illegal crossing under President Trump, his response spoke volumes: “Definitely not.”

The situation is so disastrous that even the left-leaning mainstream media—normally an extension of the Democratic Party—has called out President Biden. Just read a recent Washington Post headline: “Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge.” When the likes of ABC’s Martha Raddatz leave your corner, the border crisis must be too scandalous to ignore.

And how does President Biden respond? By continuing to dodge the liberal media’s questions. On Monday, the Biden administration called a lid for the day before 2 pm, opting for a closed press event with Senate Democrats instead. Yesterday, President Biden held his first press conference — after more than two months in office. For “Sleepy Joe,” it’s more of the same: For months on the campaign trail, he spent much of his time cowering in the basement, avoiding press events and refusing to answer questions for American voters.

Can you imagine if the same standard was applied to President Trump?

This is beyond unacceptable. After years of appeasing illegal immigrants at the expense of American citizens, President Biden is now presiding over the worst immigration crisis of the last 20 years. Leading up to the 2022 elections, Republicans cannot hold back their criticism. They should not allow the Biden administration to receive a pass, when the U.S.-Mexico border and rule of law have effectively been rendered irrelevant in the span of two months.

As President Trump often said, a nation without borders is not a nation. Moreover, a president who fails to defend and secure his nation’s borders is no longer worthy of the title. President Biden has abdicated his moral authority to represent American citizens and lead this country.

The Biden administration’s current immigration agenda is bordering on treason. It is a national disgrace, and must be defeated.

11Ahead of 2022, let’s protect American democracy from the radical left

Months removed from the 2020 election, we are left with many takeaways.  But above all else, Election Day showed that we need to do even more to protect electoral integrity and ensure a transparent voting process for all Americans.

Democrats and Republicans agree: we need to fix our elections.  According to a recent poll, only 16 percent of Americans believe that democracy is working “well” or “extremely well.” Nearly half of Americans (45 percent) claim democracy isn’t functioning properly, while another 38 percent say it’s working only “somewhat well.”

What won’t fix our elections is scapegoating Republicans.  The left-leaning mainstream media continue to blame Republicans for our electoral woes, when voting issues are far more nuanced.  Earlier this month, Vox explained the so-called “Republican revolt against democracy” in 13 charts.  Even more recently, The Daily Beast ran a typically unifying headline: “If GOP Hates Democracy So Much, Make Them [sic] Stand against It.”  Then there’s another incendiary Dana Milbank column for the Washington Post, claiming, “Republicans aren’t fighting Democrats.  They’re fighting democracy.”

Let’s be better.  Republicans are not against democracy.  We never were.  Ironically, while the liberal media coddle the left, House Democrats have rallied around H.R. 1, the misnamed “For the People Act” that would limit Americans’ free speech rights and federalize elections unnecessarily.

Now is not the time for media bias to win the day.  Now is not the time for partisan bills to get in the way of progress.

If American democracy has suffered in recent years, Democrats are anything but blameless.  To the contrary, left-wing officials at the local level have repeatedly undermined the electoral process to push through their own partisan agendas.  On behalf of my organization, the Committee to Defend the President (recently renamed to the “Committee to Defeat the President”), I have seen those transgressions firsthand.

After the November election, the Committee mobilized in Georgia to ensure accountability and transparency for the absentee vote-counting process in the January run-off elections.  Within weeks, we exposed hidden ballot-counting and other violations of election law, with local bureaucrats (all of whom lean left) being the primary culprits.  We witnessed partisan bureaucrats denying ballot monitors their right to observe the tallying of votes, solely to benefit Democratic candidates in the Georgia run-offs.

The Committee even funded litigation against election officials in Cobb and Fulton Counties, compelling them to permit appointed ballot monitors to do their due diligence.  Because of our efforts, the two counties submitted to consent decrees, allowing monitors full access to observe electoral activities until all votes were processed.  Coinciding with the two lawsuits, Cobb County Board of Elections director Janine Eveler announced her plan to resign after the January run-offs, while Fulton County’s elections board voted to fire elections director Rick Barron.

We did our part to change Georgia’s electoral process for the better.  We fought to ensure accountability and transparency, and the Peach State is better off now than it was in November.

There is much, much more work to be done.  In many counties across the country, Democrats and Republicans are not competing on a level playing field.  Following the defeat of President Trump, the radical left is especially emboldened to punish Republicans for daring to support the president’s “America First” agenda.  This cannot stand.  That’s why the Committee is mobilizing nationwide, pledging to use the same legal tactics to ensure integrity in the elections to come.

With the 2022 election cycle already upon us, we can all do more to protect and preserve American democracy.  Democrat or Republican, good-faith Americans can agree that we need to fix our elections.  Let’s get to work.

11EXCLUSIVE: After Election Integrity Victories in Georgia, Anti-Biden PAC Sets Sights on 2022

A pro-Trump PAC that secured two hard-fought victories for election integrity in Georgia after the fateful November 2020 presidential election is gearing up to fight for election integrity in the 2022 elections.

The Committee to Defend the President — which changed its name to the Committee to Defeat the President after Joe Biden took office — mobilized in Georgia to ensure accountability and transparency for the absentee vote-counting process in the January runoff elections. The committee spent $250,000 for its “Suggest Program,” which exposed hidden ballot-counting and sparked election reform. The committee’s work led to certified observers gaining full access to ballot-counting regarding military absentee ballots, apparently a first in Georgia’s history.

The committee funded ground observation teams and litigation to sue election officials in Cobb and Fulton Counties to compel them to permit appointed ballot monitors to witness the counting. Officials in both counties submitted to consent decrees to this effect. Cobb County Board of Elections Director Janine Evelier announced she would resign after the January run-offs, while Fulton County’s elections board voted to fire Elections Director Rick Barron.

“When the Committee mobilized in Georgia, we witnessed all sorts of nefarious activities that are undemocratic,” Ted Harvey, chairman of the Committee to Defeat the President, told PJ Media. “Hidden ballot-counting was rampant, so we funded litigation against election officials in Cobb and Fulton counties. Because of our lawsuits, appointed ballot monitors were granted full access to observe electoral activities in the state, holding partisan bureaucrats accountable.”

“However, our work is far from done: To fight back against the radical Left’s assault on democracy, the Committee now pledges to expand its Georgia program for the 2022 election cycle, preserving electoral integrity in key districts across the country,” Harvey added.

The committee has pledged to fight for election integrity wherever it “may be under threat from the radical Left.” The PAC aims to expand its program across the country, securing consent decrees of the kind it won in Cobb and Fulton Counties.

In 2020, Biden won Cobb County by 56,387 votes (221,846 votes and 56.3 percent to Trump’s 165,459 votes and 42 percent). He won Fulton County by 243,904 votes (381,144 votes and 72.65 percent to Trump’s 137,240 votes and 26.2 percent). While both counties are left-leaning, in Cobb County, Biden won 62,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016, and he won 100,000 more votes than Clinton in Fulton County. Trump picked up 13,000 in Cobb County and 27,000 in Fulton County.

If the committee can succeed in fighting for election integrity in these counties, it should be able to produce results elsewhere.

Given the Democrats’ attempts to undermine local election law and election integrity measures in H.R. 1, however, it seems the Committee to Defeat the President has its work cut out for it.